Useful Websites you must know about

There are thousands of websites available around Internet which are very handy and useful at several occasions. Here is list of some websites that you must know about. These websites can help you and saves your time a lot.

1- MathWay

Mathway is a quite useful and handy website that helps students and professionals especially teachers to write mathematical and algebraic equations in an easier way. You can write any kind of equation in this web page which can help teachers to prepare exam questions papers and students to prepare assignments on time and impress their instructors. This website also gives you solved answer of any equation.

2- Iruler

Stuck in any technical monitor fault or problem or Want to know your accurate screen size. Iruler will help you easily identify your screen size in inches and centimeters.

3- Atlas Obscura

Planning a tour to any historical place and want to know routes, attractions or best places to visit on that place. Atlas Obscura is the best place to find and discover best places near or within any location. Atlas Obscura will show  you maps and photos of any historical or must  to visit place anywhere in world.

4- What the font

What The Font can help you easily find the font used in any scanned document or image. It also helps you to find similar fonts used in any image document.

5- Pixlr – Web based Image editor

Are you looking for any free and easy alternative to Adobe Photoshop or any other Image editing tool? Pixlr is here for you. Pixlr offers you an easy to use , Adobe Photoshop inspired Photo editing interface with in your browser free of cost. You can use Pixlr to edit your photos or create new graphics materials.

6- Copy Paste Character

Want to inspire your face book or twitter friends with a cool and simple text based status or want to use special characters in your email or any word document. You can use characters from in any your document or social media status etc.

7- Gif Print

Want to impress your friends with an impressive flip book, created from your favorite gif Animation? helps you to print a cool flip book from your gif animation.

These are few websites that every one should know about.

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