Top Laptops, Dell vs HP vs Lenovo 2017

Best laptop brand of 2017
Best laptop brand of 2017

Owning a good laptop is dream of every one. Every one wants that he has a brand new, upto date and most innovate Laptop Machine for his Professional work of Gaming needs. Mostly people are proud to have one of best gaming and professional laptops.

Below article is based on our personal observations and articles and surveys conducted at different websites. After a close comparison and detailed view our topic, we are pleased to announce that so far, Lenovo is among most trusted, purchased and used laptop brands this year.

1- Lenovo

As per surveys and observation, 58 percent of Lenovo laptops get a rating of 4 stars or better,  out of 5. Lenovo is having a great year so far. This Lenovo wowed every one with laptops that had epic battery life (three different ThinkPads lasted more than 15 hours on a charge), slim and gorgeous designs like the bezel-free screen on the Yoga 910 and innovative features like the Halo keyboard on the Yoga Book. The company also provided helpful support with no hold times in our tests.

When it comes to ratings, their support and services are ranked 90/100. Below is break on how their ranking is assessed.

  • User Reviews: 31/35
  • Design: 14/15
  • Support 17/20
  • Innovation: 10/10
  • Value and Selection: 14/15
  • Warranty and support: 4/5

2- Dell

One of favorite Laptop brand, Dell has an extremely compelling laptop lineup, headlined by the Dell XPS 13, one of favorite notebook of all people in universe. Dell XPS 15 and the company’s Alienware gaming rigs are most focused and watched products this year. This year company marked another milestone related to design and functionality by offering an OLED screen on the Alienware 13, and by developing the super-svelte XPS 13 2-in-1. Dell is also famous for its support, services and factory warranty with plenty of options to extend your coverage. Dell is ranked best laptop brand when it comes to warranty and support.

Based on user experiences and ratings, Dell is ranked 83/100. Below is breakup on how Dell ranking is assessed by users.

  • User Reviews: 26/35
  • Design: 13/15
  • Support 15/20
  • Innovation: 9/10
  • Value and Selection: 15/15
  • Warranty and support: 5/5

3- HP

HP is also a most trusted laptop brand by many of us. HP offers a great new range of laptops and note books this year. HP is well known for its note book laptops such as Ultra-Book and Pro-book, that were released in past. Quality products and best support and warranty, makes HP among one of best laptop brands in world.

Based on new offerings, customer reviews and ratings, HP id ranked 82/100. Below is breakup on how HP is ranked and assessed by users.

  • User Reviews: 27/35
  • Design: 14/15
  • Support 16/20
  • Innovation: 8/10
  • Value and Selection: 14/15
  • Warranty and support: 4/5

Final Words

As per observations and user ratings, Lenovo is the best choice of most of users. where as Dell stands first for best warranty and support after sales.  When it comes to value and selection, Dell again stands first.