Asmder: The new but most powerful IDE for Assembly Language

Tabish Rafiq, a Computer Science student from the University of Karachi, has made an IDE for Assembly language which will make the lives of students much easier.


Tabish Rafiq found it very difficult and confusing in coding and running Assembly Language for his Academic assignments. He thought their must be an IDE that will help students in coding and debugging Assembly Language easily. So he came up with a solution called Asmder IDE


Asmder IDE, developed by Pakistani Student


Those who have tried studying Assembly language know how difficult is to write assembly and run assembly language programming using 16 bit NASM or MASM.

Asmder IDE features Highlighting


Tabish worked hard for more than a year to complete this project. This complete IDE proves tabish’s dedication toward his goal. Here are its key features:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code explorer
  • Intellisense
  • 64-bit compatibility
  • Instant error detection
  • Easy debugging with registers/flags inspection
Asmder IDE features Highlighting
Asmder IDE features Highlighting


Asmder provides a full-blown development environment for MASM application which includes a very intelligent editor which can auto-complete the instructions and detect errors before you run the program.