Stride – New Slack Competitor released by Atlassian.

Stride - New Slack Competitor released by Atlassian - Photo: Pinterest

Atlassian, the company behind popular tools like Jira, Trello and Bitbucket, was offering a team communication service in form of HipChat. In past few years, Atlassian was working on a new and enhanced version of Hip Chat and Atlassian team decided to go back  to the drawing board and create a slack-like team workplace communication service. As a result a new product is developed and is known as stride, launched yesterday.

Stride will be available on all major platforms like most of Atlassian products. Like Atlassian other products such as Jira and Bitbucked, we assume and think that Stride will also be a superior product.


Stride team successfully build a single tool that includes bothe text-based messaging and fully featured audio and video conferencing services that enables friction-less meetings without installing any plug-ins.

To provide better audio and video conferencing services, Atlassian used Jitsi as a tool within stride that Atlassian acquired few years back.

Stride, Slack competitor

Like all Atlassian products, Stride is “aggressively freemium,”. Free version supports an unlimited amount of users, group audio and video, as well as support for bots and third-party integrations. The main limit here is that the free version only stores the last 25,000 messages and you only get 5GB of file storage. For $3 per user/month, those limits completely disappear and you also get support for guest access, screen sharing and advanced user management.

All of this sounds like we’re basically talking about a straight-up Slack clone — and even the layout of Stride would support this idea (though the team did point out that Slack also looked a lot like HipChat when it launched). And you’re not wrong, but the Atlassian team built a number of really smart features into the service, too.

Stride offers all of the usual communications features you’d expect from any workplace communication tool. This includes support for collaborating on documents and code. and has ability to use Markdown for writing messages. There also is emoji and Giphy support, of course.

Stride also offers deep integrations with the rest of Atlassian’s tools like  BitBucket, Jira etc and it also provides third-party integrations and that will surely be among the service’s main selling points.

Atlassian now offers its customers an easy and one of best alternative to Slack (which many probably already use) that’s nicely integrated with their existing tools, offers a number of smart new features and that their users can sign in to with their existing Atlassian accounts, called as Stride.

Source : Tech Crunch