PTCL and Nayatel Battle – People are getting entertained.

PTCL and Nayatel Battle started when a twitter User posted a funny tweet about Ayesha Gulalai stating she uses PTCL Internet and she has issues in reeving messages which she talked about  in her press conference. and the PTCL replied that he didn’t received any complaints from Ayesha Ghulali.

You can check this conversation here.

Then a twitter user Hira Chishti dragged Nayatel in conversation by stating PTCL must be using Nayatel , as unexpectedly  their response was very quick. After this Nayatel came in and exchanged some great tweets with PTCL . You can see above.

Another user tried to add Witribe in Conversation but he failed  to do so. No response from Wi Tribe team received. They might be using PTCL 😀

People enjoyed this tweet battle as you can see above.

People enjoyed quick response from PTCL Team and praised PTCL Social media team as well. Some people tried to post some words from recent viral vidoes like Lab e sheeren sa lag riya ha 😀 .

People also encouraged PTCL , if they work sincere and hard, they can get same status again, as They have largest broadband internet all over Pakistan.

Some people also showed their frustration about Nayatel as well. And some though that this post is just fake.

You can read entire conversation here.


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