Fatal clashes kills 32, after Indian guru’s rape conviction

Fatal clashes after Indian guru's rape conviction
Fatal clashes after Indian guru's rape conviction - Photo: Guardian

At least 32 killed as violence spreads across three states after sikh’s spiritual leader is found guilty of assaulting two female sect members and workers.

Yesterday, Indian Courts given their decision against a religious guru named ‘Ram Rahim Singh’. Ram Rahim Singh was found guilty in raping and assaulting two females workers. After the courst decission, a number of clashes and riots have taken place in three states which is spreading to delhi and mumbai as well.

Guru Rahim Singh
Guru Rahim Singh Convicted by Indian Court – Photo The Guardian

Many Coaches, Vehicles and Public and government properties has been set on fire. So far two Trains has been blown up to fire by riots in New Delhi.

Authorities and government officials have taken necessary actions to control the riots, curfew implemented in four cities of Punjab state but they fail to control riots so far.



Prime Minister of India, Narendra modi shows, in a tweet that he is quite concerned and feels upset about violence in India.

In other tweets he also said that he is closely monitoring the situation and all resources will be used to controll such situations

So far it seems that Government of India and Narendra Modi cabinet has completely failed to control these riots which spreading very fast all over the country.

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