Pakistan’s Prominent Personality and Anchor Amir Liaquat arrested in Myanmar

Pakistan's Prominent Personality and Anchor Amir Liaquat arrested in Myanmar
Pakistan's Prominent Personality and Anchor Amir Liaquat arrested in Myanmar

Bol News Pakistan aired today that Pakistan’s most prominent Personality and News Anchor Amir Liaquat has been arrested by immigration authorities in Myanmar.

Yesterday he left for Myanmar along with Waqar Zaka in order to investigate and prepare a media report for Rohingya Muslims Righits in Myanmar. He also had plan for providing relief and aid to Rohingya Muslims.

It was reported that authorities were questioning Amir in context of his tweets and TV shows. He told BOL TV channel during a conversation before his detention.

It is also pertinent to mention that Dr Liaquat was making a video message of his own when the immigration authorities got hold of him. No one has heard of him since then. He also confirmed that He and Waqar Zaka reached Myanmar safely and soon they will leave from airport. He also recorded a video at Myanmar Airport before detention.

In past few days, the world has taken the Burmese government to task over the plight of Rohingya Muslims. The stories of their immense persecution have been brought to light by various news outlets and social media. Rohingya Muslims issue was brought into light by Social Media Users. Many users demanded Aang San Suu Kyi to return the Noble Peace Award he received in regard to his services for Peace mission.

So far many Muslims has been killed brutally in Myanmar. Whole world demanded UN to send Peace Army to Myanmar to stop killings and provide rights to Rohingya Muslims. In many Muslim countries, a huge number of  protests and demonstrations took place and demanded UN to help stop killings of Muslims in Myanmar. Muslims Spiritual and Religious leader Dr. Tahir Ul  Qadri wrote UN to send a peace mission to Myanmar.

The incidents’ videos and messages coming out from the directly affected are heart-wrenching. As a result, in general, people all across the world have been criticizing the Burmese government for their heavy handed policies. In Pakistan, the outcry was immense. People took to streets to protest and called on the UN to act on the crisis. Many Pakistani politicians and famous personalities also took to the social media and even streets to condemn the atrocities.

In a tweet Aamir Liaquat was invited by Waqar Zaka to go Myanmar to help Muslims in trouble.

And then Amir liaquat accepted his invite and shown his interest to visit Myanmar as Journalist.

Later Aamir Liaquat also tweeted their Boarding passes and inform that both will be travelling too Myanmar as economy class passenger.

He also shared a video with BOL TV before leaving for Air port in Dubai.

Later at 5.58 PM on Saturday (9th Sep 2017) BOL TV aired that Amir liauqat has been arrested at airport by Myanmar Immigration authorities. News Anchor told that Amir Liauqat arrested by Myanmar Immigration authorities in Myanmar.

Earlier, in 2015, Waqar Zaka went to Myanmar and helped distribute aid to the Rohingya community on his own. For this cause he had been praised all across Pakistan and was dubbed as the only media personality from Pakistan to set foot in Myanmar to physically help out the Rohingya Muslims. He also initiated campaign to provide aid and relief to Syrian Muslims in Syria in Past.

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