Pakistan marked 20th Feb 2022 as date of change for IT & Industrial Revolution in National Stadium Karachi

On Sunday, 20th Feb 2022, Youth of Karachi Pakistan has filled all the stands of National Stadium, but not for any cricket match or entertainment purpose. Youth of Pakistan has filled all the stands of National Stadium Karachi to appear in Entry test for Saylani Mass IT Training Programs.

Saylani Welfare Trust, a renowned non government welfare organization conducted Entry Test for different IT courses which includes courses for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Web & Mobile Application development, Machine Learning, Amazon Marketing & eCommerce, where more than 25000 students appeared in the test and marked the day as day of Industrial Revolution for Pakistan’s Economy.

Speaking to the public, Chairman Saylani Welfare Truest, Maulana Bashir Farooqui said that their Organization is working not only to provide food and shelter to underprivileged people but also to provide education and skills to the youth of Pakistan, which will help Pakistan to Boost its economy. He further said that Professionals trained by Saylani Welfare Trust in Past are now bringing huge foreign exchange to Pakistan, which helps Pakistan to maintain its foreign reserves and through our trained youth, they pledge to pay off all the Pakistan’s debts.

Speaking to the youth and participants of the test, President Dr. Arif Alvi said that Saylani Mass IT Training Program will open doors for the employment all over the world for youth. He further said that “Get trained, go out and change your destiny!”

Below are some glimpses of the event held at National Stadium Karachi.