Meet Spider inspired Robot called MX-Phoenix hexapod.

Spider inspired MX Phoenix hexapod by Zenta
Spider inspired MX Phoenix hexapod by Zenta

Kåre Halvorsen (aka Zenta), from Norway created this mind blowing creation in his garage. He first shared about his plan in his website and then after completion, he posted a video at his youtube channel.

Zenta, who is an assistant engineer at Assistive Technology Centre for Rogaland, has created many robots earlier. He is well known for his robotic creations under very tight budgets and requirements which are inspired by nature and insects.


The MX-Phoenix hexapod robot project
The MX-Phoenix hexapod robot project. Photo: Zenta Robotics


This time he created a spider inspired Robot called MX-Phoenix hexapod which can walk in terrains and climb the stairs easily. MX- Phoenix hexapod consists of 6 Dynamixel MX-64T Robot Actuator and 12 Dynamixel MX-106T Robot Actuator motors.  All the body parts are  3D printed.



MX Phoenix Hexapod 3D printed body parts.
MX Phoenix Hexapod 3D printed body parts. photo: Zenta_robotics


Kare Halvorsen told that he wanted to create a robot under 5.5Kg weight.  The total weight of MX- Phoenix hexapod  is 4,72kg and he says he is pretty much satisfied by this.

MX- Phoenix hexapod is controlled by a remote control based on ArbotiX Commander v2.0 Kit.

Here is the latest video shared by Zenta at his youtube channel.

MX- Phoenix hexapod has also got place in Business Insider UK tweets


Robotic creations, created by zenta are mostly inspired by Nature. Previously, he created robot called apod which was inspired by ants. Apod can walk on both plain surfaces and rough terrain areas. Apod also has capability to hold things and take it from one place to another.