Atleast two dead in Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Casino

Atleast two dead in Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Casino.
Atleast two dead in Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Casino. Photo: NYtimes

A recent incident happened in Las Vegas in a Casino Hotel where, an unknown shooter opened fire at concert in Las Vegas Casino Hotel.

Reports said that incident happened at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. It was not immediately known how many people were injured. Video posted online at twitter showed a musician performing outside the Mandalay Bay at Route 91 Harvest, a country music festival, when the sound of automatic gunfire rang out. The music stopped, and concertgoers ducked for cover. “Get down,” one shouted. “Stay down,” screamed another.

SWAT teams were sent to the incident location immediately, and officers reported being pinned down by gunfire, according to emergency radio traffic. The police also descended on the Ali Baba Restaurant, about a 10-minute drive from the Mandalay Bay, and they were also investigating reports of a shooting at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino.

According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, they are investigating and searching for active shooter in near by areas. Police also request citizens to stay away from that area for some time. Staying away from Mandalay Bay Area, will help police to find out the shooter.


Police department further said that at-least three wounded people were transported to nearest hospitals and emergency center for first aid and treatment. They further told that they are unable to disclose total number of causalities or wounded persons at the moment


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