3 Computer Security Tips You Must Obey!

As a computer user you should always do your best to learn and implement the latest security tips because it is now easier to hack a computer than it has ever been. Computer hackers are now becoming more sophisticated that they easily come up with new hacking tools very often; what matters most isn’t the attempt people make to hack your computer but what you do to ensure they never succeed. There are a lot of things you should implement on your computer if you truly want security for it and this post will be giving you some computer security tips you should always implement.

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Be Careful With How You Download and Use the Internet

Since a lot of us spend more time online compared to the time we spend offline I think this tip is even more important. A lot of people now regularly visit warez sites and forums and they download any file from these sites and from email attachments from people they don’t know and then install it on their computer. This is really dangerous and you will be making a great mistake that can cost you all the files on your computer if you keep on doing this. Don’t download any software you don’t really need and be careful with where you download from; I once had a problem of this nature before when I once downloaded a software (from a legitimate site) that I have no need for, unknown to me a virus has been programmed into this software and my computer got infected and started opening sites I didn’t ask it to, I also noticed an unusual usage on my bandwidth and I was able to trace it back to this software.

Don’t just install any software on your computer but ensure you only install software you really need and only from a provider you really trust.

Have the Latest Antivirus Software Installed

Another thing you should do to make sure your computer is really secure is to download and install the latest antivirus software on your computer. You should also make sure you allow your antivirus software to always update its database automatically as this will fix bugs that might prevent it from detecting some viruses and it will make it more potent and effective.

You should also make sure you NEVER disable your antivirus no matter what. If a software program you’re trying to install is recommending you disable your antivirus then you should make sure you don’t install it – in most cases software like this are viruses, spyware and adware and the only way to prevent them is making sure your antivirus system is intact and always active.

Uninstall Outdated Software You No Longer Use

There is a saying that bad communication corrupt good manners; this saying is also true as far as computer security is concerned and only one old and outdated software can be the gateway to your computer’s destruction. As you can’t have an old wine in a new bottle most outdated software are also highly unstable and they often cause system crashes. Another disadvantage of outdated software is that they can also make it easy for hackers to get into your computer by exploiting them.

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