The best remedies for the skin and the shiny hairstyle

The best remedies for the skin and the shiny hairstyle
The best remedies for the skin and the shiny hairstyle

If you want to make your skin and face attractive then stop spending money on expensive products

In fact, some of the best prescriptions of the skin and shiny hair are hidden in your own kitchen, which are as follows:


Lemon is something that can be more efficient than your imaginations. With lime, you can effectively imitate the effect of aging and scars on the face. Simply apply lime straight to these parts and let it be kept for fifteen minutes and then wash it off. If there is no time for the manicure, just cut lemon into half and mix it with hot water and keep your nails dipped for five minutes. After this rub, this squeezed lemon onto the nail in back and forth motion.
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Olive Oil

If your hair is dull and dry, then put in a small bowl six tablespoons olive oil on the microwave, simultaneously heat the towels with heat. Then apply oil to your hair with fingers and massage. Wrap the hot towel on the head for half an hour and then wash with the shampoo.


With banana, you can prepare a natural and humidity-free face mask and it does not get any special expenses. Simply mix the quarter cup yogurt, two teaspoon honey and a medium size banana, apply it for ten to twenty minutes on the skin and then wash it with cool water.


If you are facing acne, leave raw honey on the face for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it off. The bacteria present in honey will eliminate the bacteria that cause acne. Similarly, Honey can also be a great hair conditioner and can put new life in the hairstyle. Mix a teaspoon honey and two teaspoons of olives oil and then apply this to your hair. wash off after twenty to 30 minutes.


The commonly used spices in homes are also used to enhance the beauty, for centuries it is also beneficial for fungal infections such as hair dandruff. Mix a teaspoon in high-quality fresh turmeric in a teaspoon of coconut oil and lime juice. Apply this mixture to the infected place for one hour a week.

Consume more Water

Yes, every day, start drinking plenty of water daily, but that does not mean that many gallons but at least eight glasses of water make them normal. This thing will not only be beneficial to eliminate dark circles around the eyes, but it is also beneficial for health and dehydration. Pure water is a remedy that removes wrinkles, why do you remove it from your diet plan?