Can you spot snake in this viral picture?

Can you spot snake in this viral picture?

Optical illusions are very interesting some times, but because of your repeated failure in solving them, they might distress you as well. A similar picture is going viral on internet with snake camouflaged in it and many people are literally failing to spot it.

In fact, it does not just have a snake, but its eggs too, have gone viral after many people failed to find it. Uploaded on Facebook by a page called Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, seemingly made by a community of snake catchers in Queensland, a photo showing a big pile of drying, brown leaves has gone viral.

While you drop everything and sit down to try and figure out where the crawly reptile is, in the mulch, there is also a video (but at the end) to show you where it actually is.

The video shows a man explaining to the camera that a female Coastal Carpet Python with a menacingly blue-coloured tongue has found a home inside the pile, while she is warming her eggs by sitting on the top of them.

He then proceeds to scrape away the twigs with an apparatus till the point where the snake is completely exposed.

If you cannot find snake in picture, see below video.


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