Pakistani startup makes its place in top 10 at Startup Istanbul 2018

Pakistani company is among the top 10 startups at Startup Istanbul 2018
Pakistani company is among the top 10 startups at Startup Istanbul 2018

Startup Istanbul, an event related  to technology company startups, venture capitalists and investors from all around the world  was held in Turkish metropolis last week where Eight Pakistan startups have participated. These eight startups from Pakistan were MultiFe, BeSpider, Franchise Pakistan, Mystery Shoppers Pakistan, BIRDS Pakistan, The Physio, ConsoliAds, and Masairr.

Out of these Eight Startups, ConsoliAds was able to make it place in top 10 companies. ConsoliAds is an acquisition, retention and monetization network for game publishers. On their website, the company says,


“We know that app monetization through ads is all about higher effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPMs), and eCPMs are all about impression distribution around the globe.”


The Lahore-based startup provides a consolidated platform with economical installs for an initial game boost, guaranteed eCPMs and actionable mediation insights of apps for other best ad networks so game publishers can collaborate with them and achieve more — all without the need to send frequent app updates. The company also gives complete control over exactly which ads to place in mobile games, where the mobile ads are appearing, and how they’re performing.

Winners of the final round at Startup Istanbul 2018 included Friendbase AB from Sweden, Neurafarm from Indonesia and Iyris from Saudi Arabia. HERZ Medical Engineering from Lebanon also received an honorable mention from the judges.

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