#DefenceDay – Pakistani Social Media teases Indian Army

Pakistani Social Media teases Indian Army

6th September 1965 is a memorial day for Pakistan and Pakistan defense forces, when Indian Army attacked Pakistan from Sialkot and Kashmir Sector.

India Invaded Lahore and Sialkot sectors with a massive army suddenly on 6th September. Prior to attacking Lahore and Sialkot sector, India pushed a massive Army to Chhamb-Jaurian Sector in Jammu on 3rd september and they failed to control Pakistan Army at Chhamb-Jurian Sector. To control pressure at Chhamb-Jurian Sector, they invaded Lahore sector and one of Indian Army official made a funny announcement over Indian radio that very next morning, they will take control over Lahore, Pakistan.

Gen. J N Choudhary of India said on radio , ” Tomorrow we will drink in Lahore Gymkhana.” The Times of India’s editorial wrote, ” We will capture Lahore today, Sialkot tomorrow & cut Pakistan’s Railway network up to Rawalpindi in two parts putting hard conditions for Pakistan to chose Kashmir or Indian captured parts of West Punjab.” President Radhakrushmnan said, “Offence is the best defence.

But in reality, something worst happened to Indian Army. India could not capture Lahore till ceasefire & lost Khem Karan city & Assal Uttar area instead. India lost 114 jet fighters & 6000 tanks. How many of 6,00,000 soldiers were killed ? Is it still a military secret even after 52 years ? Entire Delhi Police too was sent after military training to Lahore & Delhi Traffic was being controlled OFFICIALLY by workers of RSS, a Hindu fascist organization.

To remember, Indian Army wishes, Pakistan Social Media remember them in comics as follows

 Pakistani Social Media teases Indian Army
Pakistani Social Media teases Indian Army – Image: Telemart