FIFA lifts suspension on Pakistan Football Federation

The world Football governing body FIFA imposed a ban on Pakistan Football Federation(PFF) and has suspended Pakistan Football Federation Membership due to administrative issues and third party interference earlier in October 2017.

FIFA has lifted the Pakistan Football Federation suspension after the Lahore High Court had directed the court-appointed administrator to hand over the control of the PFF in terms of the election result dated 30 June 2015 and after receiving confirmation that the Pakistan Football Federation had successfully taken back control of the Pakistan Football Federation offices along with the Pakistan Football Federation accounts on 1 March 2018.


After this notification, suspension on Pakistan Football Federation membership was lifted with an immediate effect and as the suspension has lifted all the PFF representatives and club teams are entitled  to take part in any of international football events and matches. This also means that PFF’s members and officials may benefit from development programmes, courses and training from FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). Finally, FIFA member associations may again enter into sporting contact with PFF and/or its teams,” it added.

FIFA had earlier suspended Pakistan Football Federation membership and imposed a temporary ban on PFF in October 2017 saying that the PFF offices and its accounts were in control of a court-appointed administrator, which constitutes a violation of the PFF obligations to manage its affairs independently and without influence from any third parties in accordance with the FIFA Statutes.


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